Speaking at The Hub event. Images by Maxeen Kim Photography

Is your business fulfilling your vision?

Does it make you want to jump out of bed every morning?

Do you want your photography business to grow?

How you market to get dream couples interested, to create a deep desire for your photography and ultimately encouraging them to take that step of booking needs to be thought out. Take a moment to review how you are currently marketing your photography- do you have a strategic plan in place? If no, do take a look at the options below if you’d like some support.

My two passions of photography + marketing – combine for incredibly valuable mentoring to develop your business.
Photography mentoring will define what success means to you. It can help you design a work and lifestyle balance to meet those goals.



Let’s get intense. This is the One 2 One Day with an intensive 6 month booster. Your One 2 One day (included in this price) will have uncovered where you are in your business and you’ll have left with an in-depth action plan to get your business in shape. I’ll support you to reach these goals.

By upgrading to the six month mentoring programme you’ll know I’ll be there by your (virtual) side to keep you in check.

After the initial in-depth five hours working together you will have a further two hours of my time, every month. How you split that time is your choice. It can be all in one go in another face to face meeting, you can split it into a couple of Skype calls or pretty much weekly 30 min chats on the phone. I’ll make sure you are accountable for your goals and support you with the steps you need to take.




I am not going to teach you how to use your camera. What I am going to do is mentor you, dig deep together. You’ll discover what actions need to happen to make your photography business grow and succeed.

Private one-to-one mentoring sessions are now available on weekdays. The five hour sessions include lunch and take place at my home in Reading or via Skype. I am completely open and would love you to ask me anything on your mind to help you grow your business.

It is entirely tailored to your needs, dependent on where you are in your photography journey.

Popular subjects include:

  • Workflow: How you can streamline what you do, what to outsource, timesaving tools I use
  • Direct marketing: How to start a newsletter and grow your subscriber list
  • Branding: Developing your brand
  • Targeting: Finding your dream clients and getting more bookings
  • Website: Reviewing your website and portfolio. Next steps for improvements
  • Sales: Discussing any sales concerns, how to upsell
  • Social media: Managing your online presence
  • PR: How to get published
  • Blogging: Why blog, what to blog, when to blog it
  • Networking and stylised shoots: Building relationships and planning for a successful shoot

Together we work through how these apply to you and create step by step action plans.

I promise full disclosure on any and all questions related to photography, marketing, business, work/life balance, sales and more!




A fast paced and highly effective 60 minute discussion. If you need a bite size amount of help to make changes with where you are in your business. Together we will set goals on how you can take a leap forward to keep growing.


“I have had a very exciting morning with the fabulous Hannah McClune Photography! I have come away from my mentoring session feeling super motivated to develop and grow my photography business into something amazing! Thank you so much Hannah xx”

Rachel Lou Photography

“Great mentoring session with Hannah McClune Photography! Hannah is so lovely and I'm so inspired by our conversations and sooooo excited about the next steps and future plans for Liberty Pearl Photography in 2017!! Thank you Hannah”

Amber at Liberty Pearl Photography

“Hannah, thank you again for an amazing day - Chris just came home and said I looked like I was 'buzzing', haha! It really was just what I needed and I'm really grateful for your time and expertise - you're an inspiration!”

Jessica Davies Fine Art Photography

Why Hannah?

My appreciation of marketing comes from twelve years experience in the industry. I completed my Marketing degree at university back in 2001 and continued with postgraduate studies at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. My past career was managing the marketing teams across Europe and the Middle East. Creating effective marketing campaigns for global luxury hotel brands including Rocco Forte, Mandarin Oriental, Hilton and many more. For the past six years I have concentrated on developing my photography business, with a rapidly growing delighted customer base and regular features in top wedding magazines and blogs.